CE Horsford Forestry and Environmental

The machinery fleet comprises a wide range of equipment that allows us to work on terrain that is beyond the realms of standard contractors. This combined with the vast practical experience of working on soft, steep or remote sites means that we can bring realistic solutions to your projects or habitat work. 

Machinery includes:

Low ground pressure Kubota excavator with a range of attachments to allow us to work on sites where its desirable to run at a reduced ground pressure. It allows us to carry out operations such as fencing on soft sites, turf stripping on heathland and moorland sites. Its also capable of running a tree shear and grab which we use on work such as rhododendron clearance or removing holly from sites where its taken over the woodland. 

Alpine tractor, boasting an impressive 90hp in a machine small enough to tow to site on a trailer. With enough power to run heavy duty flails and mulchers along with towing a range of attachments on steep slopes this is one of our primary pieces of machinery as it can be delivered to site with a range of attachments. Its also easily fitted with dual wheels meaning it can traverse soft ground leaving no signs of having been travelled over. We use this extensively in forestry work for skidding timber and winching from slopes and despite its small size it can very rapidly extract timber given its quick turn around time with a skidding grapple on the back. 

The Iron Horse is a small tracked machine which is pedestrian controlled and allows us to carry loads across ground that is difficult to walk on. It allows us to get heather brash moved round sites easily and can be used to moving materials on fencing jobs when the ground is to wet for other equipment.

Argocat is an 8x8 vehicle designed for moving 2 people and some equipment, this is our primary transport when remote ground working. Its amphibious making it suitable for transporting equipment over wet blanketbog and soft lowland sites. 

Scottrack glencoe 8x8 this is a bigger all terrain vehicle, its capable of transporting 6 people or 2 and large payload of equipment. It is fitted with a spray tank and used for bracken spraying, moving materials on remote of steep fencing jobs, also assisting on moorland fire fighting

Woodmizer LT40 sawmill, hydraulic band saw suitable for towing to site, setting up and converting timber into a usable product with a quick turn around and high output it allows woodland owners to maximise the benefits in managing their woodlands.