CE Horsford Forestry and Environmental

Flailing is a significant part of our winter moorland and heathland work, whether it is flailing firebreaks. restructuring blanket bog vegetation, managing lowland heathlands or harvesting brash for restoration work.

We have a range of equipment and flails to cope with every eventuality, from our 2.7meter wide seppi heavy duty flail, to the tracked baroness which works on very steep and soft terrain. Or the Vandaele heavy duty mulcher for scrub management, we have a machine and suitable flail set up to cope with most jobs. Flailing sites can range from an over grown back garden to several hectares of remote moorland. 

Cutting Heather fire breaks at 550meters altitude, 4km from the nearest road

Flailing scrub as part of an urban regeneration project in Stoke on Trent

Flailing heather and cotton grass on remote blanked bog

Heathland after it had scrubbed up on Cannock Chase returned to open ground