CE Horsford Forestry and Environmental


We can assist with the following list, we have completed work for a large range of conservation bodies and private land owners. References for our work can be given.


Agri-Environment Schemes and Forestry advice (including Countryside Stewardship applications)

Woodland creation, grant funding through to large scale planting

Forestry management including harvesting, marking timber and multi objective management plans.

Habitat restoration including, moorland, hay meadows, rivers and woodland.

Wildlife surveys, from broad vegetation to target species surveys

Species work such as implementing habitat improvement, protect species advice and work on species such as Crayfish, Otters, Bats, Water voles and a range of other species

Low impact spraying, invasive species control. Tree felling and timber harvesting. Low ground pressure flailing with a range of machinery

Fencing both traditional stock fencing and Boviguard invisible fence systems

 River habitat improvements on the River Manifold, felling sycamores into the river to act as fish refuges and to encourage scouring of the river bed to clean gravels for spawning.

We are happy to discuss all project work even if at funding bid stage, in confidence with costed workings provided to aid with funding applications if required. Call us to discuss your work and see how we could benefit your projects with a huge experience in delivering conservation work over a range of habitats.