CE Horsford Forestry and Environmental

Undertaking a range of fencing specialising in livestock fencing on sites of high conservation value. We have built a reputation for being able to deliver high quality work on sites with poor access and adverse terrain.

Running a specialist fleet of machinery allows us to price and deliver fencing on a range of terrains. We have a huge wealth of knowledge within the team, allowing us to tackle most jobs. We run two Protech post knockers, a P220+ and P30 contractor, which allows us to work in tandem on bigger jobs or select which machine is best suited to your site. Both machines are fitted with rock spikes and are capable of knocking 8" posts comfortably. Where site conditions allow we use a quickfencer compact for unrolling stock netting and barbed wire allowing us to wire up quickly and efficiently especially where ground conditions have to be suitable.

Riverside fencing, Watergates, cattle crossing and livestock drinking points are an area we have comprehensive experience in delivering including gaining all necessary consents and designs for local authority permits.  

Installing a new cattle handling facility

Riparian buffer fencing on a sensitive wet site adjacent to a SSSI

kissing gate and double gate ready for a new road to be laid into a field

Running fencing materials out onto a steep site with argocat

Alpine tractor pulling the special boviguard cable in on wet ground. Dual wheels mean the ground pressure is significantly reduced and makes no mess.

Installing 12ft posts for a water gate, the protech knocker has a 320kg weight allowing it to drive posts firmly into the ground quickly an efficiently.

Boviguard cattle fencing is a system that its gaining a fantastic reputation for use on sites where a physical fencing solution isn't desirable such as on common land or sensitive landscapes.

We work closely with the importers of the system to ensure that sites are suitable and all measures are taken to ensure a trouble free system once the installation is completed. We will ensure the system is fully working within the manufacturers parameters. Provide detailed maps of fence lines, along with information about maintenance  and fault finding. We also will ensure that there is no other buried or overhead utilities that could cause problems.

Work where great crested newt fencing is required can also be quoted for.  We hold a Natural England licence for GCN, so are able to deliver survey and development licence work.

References for work can be provided and a no obligation quote can be prepared. 

Double gates installed in a new fence line into a woodland creation planting

Newly installed cattle crossing point to prevent bankside poaching

Installing boviguard invisible fencing on a common, showing how there is no open trench at any point on the installation.

Newly planted hedge as part of a countryside stewardship scheme, buffering a newly planted native woodland with rabbit netting to reduce hare damage.

Great crested newt fencing around a building plot